Gift Materials Policy and Guidelines

Gift Materials Policy

Purpose of Policy

The gift policy ensures that the library retains control of the content of Trexler Library’s collections and remains in compliance with federal law and regulations.

Policy Statement

The collections of Trexler Library at Muhlenberg College have been developed through both the judicious purchase of materials and the donation of many valuable and useful gifts. Trexler Library appreciates donations and promotes an active donor program. Contributions of books, periodicals, manuscripts, and other materials are accepted and selected for addition to the library’s collections according to the Gift Materials Selection Guidelines listed below. Because of the complexities of selecting and caring for gifts, donors are asked to give consideration to our need for flexibility in accepting contributions.

Pennsylvania State law prohibits charitable gifts from being returned to the donor. Individuals who receive returned gifts can be subject to tax fraud allegations and charitable institutions who return gifts threaten their tax-exempt status.

Gift Materials Acceptance Guidelines

Purpose of Guidelines

This statement outlines responsibility for selection and the conditions under which gifts are accepted.