Public Service Policy and Procedures

Public Service Policy

Policy Statement

As employees of Trexler Library, whether professional or student staff, it is our primary obligation to diligently provide courteous, consistent, professional and unbiased service to any user working within the library context, either physically or virtually. All efforts will be made to provide prompt attention to needs and to proactively guide users through the information seeking and usage processes. While the library recognizes and encourages the freedom of expression and intentional learning, it is our public service policy that the services provided should not be influenced by our personal agendas.

Purpose of Policy

The purpose of the Public Service Policy is to provide guidance to all employees regarding the Library's standards of behavior, service, activity, and outreach when providing services at the library.

Public Service Procedures

Purpose of Procedures

The public service procedures have been developed to provide a guide for employees and library users with regard to behavior and activities that may occur when working in the public service capacity.


General Services


Telephone/Electronic Service Procedures

Appearance and Presence

Approved by the Library Committee — September 2007