Safety and Emergency Policy and Procedures

Safety and Emergency Policy

Policy Statement

Trexler Library is concerned about the safety of the students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors at Trexler Library. In the event of an emergency, non-staff will look to staff for direction and assistance. As such, the library staff must be prepared to act in an emergency situation. Trexler Library will establish and maintain a process to educate new staff and to facilitate staff readiness on an ongoing basis.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Purpose of Procedures

Campus Safety provides safety information including Crisis Response Guidelines for the campus on the Campus Safety section of the Muhlenberg website at The purpose of library procedures is to provide supplementary guidelines specific to Trexler Library. Additionally, the procedures provide a mechanism for educating staff so that staff are able and prepared to follow prescribed procedures.


Safety Officer

Staff Preparedness

Each staff member should be familiar with the following:

Emergency Response

Notification of Supervisors and the Library Director

  1. The shift supervisor should be notified directly of any emergency situation as soon as possible.
  2. The Library Director should be notified directly of any major emergency as soon as possible


Approved by the Library Committee — September 2007