Library Spaces Test

The Information Commons (IC) is located beside the Periodicals Reading Lounge along the west wall on A-level. The IC is used for library instruction sessions and is open for study when not reserved for classes.

B-01 is the computer lab classroom on B-Level. This lab has 32 desktop computers with various software licenses. During the regular semester, B-01 is open during normal library hours and closes a half hour before the building closes. The lab is open to the Muhlenberg community when it is not reserved for an library instruction session.

Professors schedule movie screenings in Trexler Library outside of standard class time; these can be movies owned by the library or a personal copy. These screenings are typically held in B-02, the video classroom, which is located along the west wall of the B-Level concourse. Please consult our B-Level Floor Plan for directions or ask the Lending Services desk staff members for assistance.

The Curriculum Lab can be found on C-Level near the elevator. This space is reserved by the Muhlenberg Registrar for classes during the day and is available to our Education students in the evening. If a student has a class in this room, it might appear on their schedule as “TRXLR CRL”.


A-Level is the first floor of Trexler Library. It has a largely open floor plan with large tables scattered throughout to encourage collaborative work, while also offering individual study carrels. A-Level is designated a social floor where conversations can be held at a normal speaking volume.   


B-Level is the second floor of Trexler Library. There are individual study carrels throughout the floor with group tables along the east wall of the building. B-Level has a quieter dynamic: group work can still be done, but conversations should be held at a lower volume.  B-Level also has two reservable spaces: the Collaboration Room and the One Button Studio. The Collaboration Room is a study space with resources designed to make group work more efficient. The One Button Studio is a unique space created to provide user-friendly video making equipment for all skill levels. Please see the One Button Studio guide or the Collaboration Room page for more information on either resource.


C-Level is the bottom floor of Trexler Library and is designated a quiet study space. Patrons can find individual study carrels as well as several study tables on this floor. C-Level has four study rooms that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Though anyone may use these rooms, priority is given to groups rather than individuals. These study rooms are equipped with blackboards and whiteboards, but they are not soundproof.


Trexler Library has three terraces that are adjacent to the main staircase. These open spaces are filled with natural light. The terraces contain study tables, lounge chairs and couches, and bean bags chairs. The second terrace, also known as B-Level terrace, is accessible.