Public Relations Policy and Procedures

Purpose of the Policy

This policy will guide library staff in making decisions about responding to the press and other dimensions of public outreach.


  1. All incidents of any media potential will be handled by the Library Director (or Acting Director), including all requests from the media (photo shoots, reporting), and any incidents that have the potential for negative impact.
  2. Marketing and outreach
    1. Marketing of events and services will be in consultation with the Outreach Librarian.
    2. Events that include participants beyond the library staff are to be documented on the library scheduling calendar. The Library Administrative Assistant will then submit these activities to the campus events calendar.
    3. Mass outreach to faculty via email or campus mail will be done with approval from the head of the appropriate library department. Mass outreach to students via email needs approval of the Dean of Students office. Mass outreach to students by mail warrants approval of the Library Director.
    4. Event setup including room reservation, equipment reservation, and dining services will go through the Library Administrative Assistant.


With regard to the occurrence of negative incidents:

  1. The Library Director or Acting Director is to be informed immediately.
  2. The Library Director will inform the Office of Communications.
  3. All inquiries about the incident are to be referred directly to the Office of Communications.
  4. The Library Director will talk to the press about any incident only at the discretion of the Office of Communications.
  5. The Library Director will share information with library staff as permitted.