Trexler Library Statement on Information Literacy

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Trexler Library supports the development of information literate students who can discover, organize, analyze, create, and share information in order to achieve their academic goals and to enhance their independent, lifelong learning habits. Information literate students will thereby develop an intellectual framework for critical analysis and reflection of diverse information resources.

Trexler Library endorses the partnership of and collaboration among librarians, faculty, and staff to foster students' information literacy development. Trexler Library advocates for integrating information literacy throughout the undergraduate experience, enabling developmental learning.

Trexler Library's vision and practice of information literacy is informed by Muhlenberg College's mission and its liberal arts environment, as well as by the Association of College and Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education1 and by the dimensions of information literacy described by Shapiro and Hughes in "Information Literacy as a Liberal Art."2

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Reviewed 2021