Library Spaces

Overview of Trexler Library

Trexler Library is made up of three floors, all of which have been uniquely equipped with study spaces, classrooms, and technology to suit the variety in our patrons’ needs. A-Level (first floor) is typically used for group work or tutoring sessions; it has been furnished with large work tables and moveable whiteboards for students to use. B-Level (second floor) has a quieter dynamic than A-Level, as it houses Trexler’s main classrooms and is configured with several individual work stations. Group work can still be done on this floor, but we ask patrons to please keep their conversations at a respectful volume. C-Level (third floor) is the quietest floor in the Library, and is furnished with the majority of our individual work stations. Every floor has a corresponding Terrace where students can study or lounge, as well as access to Papercut printers, the campus’ cloud-based printing solution, and bathrooms, all of which can be found on our Library’s Floor Plans (PDF versions available below the table). Regardless of where one chooses to work, we ask patrons to please be respectful and courteous to one another. Note that some spaces in the Library can be reserved in advance by current Muhlenberg students, faculty, and staff; these spaces are designated in the table below with an asterisk. When not reserved or in use, many of these rooms also serve as open study spaces.

Library Spaces By Floor

  Classrooms Centers in the Library Student Spaces Special Resource Rooms Faculty Spaces


Information Commons** The Writing Center Terrace A

A-Level Technology

Periodicals Reading Lounge

Seminar A**
The Muhlenberg Room

Fulford Room**


B-01: Library Instructions Room**

B-02: Video-Viewing Classroom**
The Hive: Digital Learning Center Terrace B

B-03: One Button Studio*

B-04: Collaboration Room*
Rare Books Room N/A


Curriculum Lab N/A Terrace C

Quiet Studies

Seminar C*
N/A Faculty Studies**

Key: * = may be reserved by students/faculty/staff; ** = may be reserved only by faculty/staff

Reviewed 2021